Welcome from the Head Teacher

Asalaamualaikum (Peace be with you)

Rida Boys High School is a school for boys aged 11 to 16, formed in 2019. We started life with one Year 7 class in September 2019 and we look forward to opening our doors to many more as the years progress.

Myself, the Governing Body and the teachers are committed to providing an outstanding environment for the learning and development for our boys.

The vision at Rida is to grow a generation of confident, responsible and intellectual young men who can become ambassadors of both education and faith. To produce adults who inspire others, are role models through their character and manners and can personify the young British Muslim.

Our numbers start small, but with the grace of the Almighty we will grow and be able to benefit a large number of boys in our community.

All the boys that enter our doors are unique and we look forward to exploring their talents, nurturing their abilities and helping them achieve to their full potential.

We are a school that has a Muslim faith ethos and we look forward to contributing to society both locally and globally.

Our Islamic values are British values and we welcome students from all faiths and none.

Please, come and visit us, meet our boys and find out what we can do for yours.

Zubair Patel, Head Teacher